domenica 22 dicembre 2019


My new antenna used with good results on 40m, 20m, and 15m. Here is the schema.

The antenna in the origin was an OCF (off center feed dipole), of 21 meters; this is a simulation of the OCF (not linear loaded):

The OCF was too long for my balcony, so i tried a new configuration: now it is a 23,4 OCF dipole, linear loaded. The center of the cable is attached to the vertical part, that is the aluminium tube.
I use it with my micro Bitx, with 10 Watt on 40 m, 3 watt on 20 m and 1,8 watt on 15 meters with very good result (in 20 m and 15 meters i work QRP, with less of 5 watt !!!). I use a Kenwood AT-130 antenna tuner to tune it.

In the next post i will report my testing.

73 de IZ3AYQ

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  1. Very ingenious! I look forward to the results of your testing. Mel, W3PYF