giovedì 3 ottobre 2019

The 1watt game

Objective: a short QRPP CW game on the 20 m band. All radio amateurs and SWL's are cordialy invited.

Date: 20 october, 09 to 12 utc
Band: 20 m,  14060 +/- 10 kHz
Power: max 1 watt
Operation: only CW
Exchange: rst + maidenhead locator (eg: 559 jn21la) - additional informations like power, rtx, antenna... is welcome.
Score: the distance in km between 2 locators (eg. 2360 km for 2360 points)
Total score:  sum of all qso point.
Log: email your score to
Add the text: me, (your call), i declare that i managed a total of xxx qso, my best result is xxx points.
Log deadline: 1 nov. 2019
Nominees: award for the winner, the best dx, funiest location (if outdoor), original home brew, lowest power.

73 de IZ3AYQ

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