venerdì 17 maggio 2019

QRPp: slowing down the power again

QRPp: using only 1 watt

Working conditions: 
Rig: microBITX
Ant: Off center feed dipole, 20 meters long, folded and linearly loaded (on a tree). 
Ant tuner: Kenwood AT-130
Power: 1,25 watt (1250 milliwatt)

QSO during last year of very soft activity on 21 MHz (almost some minutes during the weekends; never in the evening or during the night).

 I use the microBITX from about one year. On 15 meters, the power given is of about 1 watt (1250 milliwatt).  I thought the output power was of 5 watt, but when i measured the output power i realized that it was of only 1 watt (1,25 for the precision).
So, my QSO are almost QRPp. 
During the last year the band was often closed, so i worked mostly on 40 and on 20 meters. We are during the minimum of the solar cicle, and so this is what we can expect. But last week i extracted the data from my database, and elaborated them. The strange thing is that generally when i had the QSO, it was not difficult, may be for the low noise of the band.
My favorite mode is CW, but also USB is valid, during contests.

73 de IZ3AYQ

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