sabato 23 settembre 2017

Simple 6 elements Yagi for 144 MHz

This is a simple 6 elements Yagi for 144 MHz, build in a few hours, with the design of DK7ZB who has a wonderful site with many VHF and UHF antennas.

This is the link:  DK7ZB SITE
In this site you can find the dimensions for the dipoles (reflectors, active, directors). You can find single antennas and stacks. I was looking for an antenna for restrected space.

The boom is 2 m;  impedence is 50 Ohm; gain is 9,3 dBd.
Easy to build; fast good result with no tuning and re-tuning.

Detail of the aluminium used:

- 1 square tube 16 mm X 16 mm, length 200 cm
- for the dipoles: 6 aluminium bars 15 mm x 2 mm, lenght 1 m
- the reflector has been extended to reach the right dimension (1026 mm)

73 de IZ3AYQ

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