venerdì 30 giugno 2017

Simple dual band antenna for 145 - 431 MHz - Pattern study

Pattern study using the software "EZNEC"  V6 free by W7EL

Ideal situation (dipole in free space):

At  145 MHz; this is the classic diagram of an half wave dipole:

At 431 MHz; this is a diagram of a 3/2 lambda dipole in free space:

But if you put the dipole in vertical polarization, 3 meters from the ground you che see this:

For the half wave dipole at 145 MHz:

For the same dipole at 431 MHz:

In both case maximun gain in low in the horizon and, yes this antenna is not for DX, but it is a simple, cheap and usable antenna.

73 de IZ3AYQ

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